To Respose – a new verb?

Waste management can be done in two ways. One, by managing the waste that is already created and two, by minimizing the creation of waste. Both as per us are effective waste management techniques.

Resposal was originally coined by our team for Responsible Disposal, of which recycling is a small part. Resposal starts from educating people about the best methods of disposal of waste, establishing efficient methods of collection of waste, effective aggregation and segregation, and finally cost effective and sustainable recycling processes.

Resposition was originally coined by Team Respose to stand for Responsible Position. Resposition is the umbrella encompassing  the entire waste management space. However, at Respose we take it as minimizing waste. Waste minimization can happen in multiple ways. Even the day light that we do not use effectively is a waste. Natural sources of energy which are not tapped due to any reason whatsoever is nothing but waste. Product rejections due to quality problems are a waste. Anything that is not used for its purpose is wasted. Resposition takes care of this.

At Respose, we have a dream. Any reference to waste management would at some time in the future be referred by our name. To respose = To recycle, to manage waste. Resposal = recycling, responsible disposal method. Resposition = to take responsible position from a sustainability perspective.


3 thoughts on “To Respose – a new verb?

  1. I come from part of Kenya with sun light though out the year. There are hips of garbage in the cities. Any body or company to step in to partner with us for waste management is appreciated.

    • Thanks Christine. Please let us know how we can assist you. We are a consulting organization in waste management and renewable energy. As such, we may be able to providing consulting services or products required by you. You may reply to me on prabhu.db (at)

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